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In today’s reality, the power of words is constantly on the rise.

In the first 24 hours of a media item’s life, it reaches millions of people, bounces around the world, evolves, triggers reactions and impacts public awareness.
A single word in a newspaper, a website headline or in Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp can affect our lives, our business, our reputation, public consciousness and the ability to win and achieve the desired objectives.

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( About )

Together is a boutique media strategy consulting firm, founded in 2010, which provides a broad package of services to its clients.

We work with clients in the center of the media, economic and political scenes in Israel and world-wide. Our work requires discretion, availability and a familiarity with and understanding of the dynamic and challenging media world. Our approach combines strategic analysis and creative thinking.

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( Services )

As a boutique firm, we provide a broad package of services that are tailored specifically to each and every client according to their needs. We specialize in crisis management, strategic media consultancy, spokesmanship, digital services and campaign management. Our vast experience and creativity allow us to offer a range of service in accordance with the objectives and needs of each client.

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( Ronen Moshe )

Since 2003, Ronen has been a fixture in Israel’s media-strategy scene. He has provided close and personal counsel to multiple ministers, politicians, political parties, military personnel and businessmen.

Ronen founded Together Ltd. in 2010 and has served as its CEO ever since.

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( Team )

Together is a boutique firm, and each member of the team brings extensive and multi-disciplinary experience to the table. The integration between the personal expertise, experience, and professionalism of each one of us allows us to expand the avenues of thought, points of view, and tools at our disposal.

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