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As a boutique firm, we provide a broad package of services that are tailored specifically to each and every client according to their needs. We specialize in crisis management, strategic media consultancy, spokesmanship, digital services and campaign management. Our vast experience and creativity allow us to offer a range of service in accordance with the objectives and needs of each client.

Crisis management

Leading through crisis

Organizations, companies or private individuals find themselves, from time to time, facing criticism in the eye of a public media storm. The first 72 hours of a crisis are critical, and are decisive in shaping its image impact. Therefore, speed of response and maintaining ongoing contact with the media and the decision-makers are of critical importance from the first moment a crisis erupts.

The Together team has many years of experience in managing and handling various types of crises, including business, commercial, legal, political and more.

Our experience shows that the most effective way to manage a crisis and to reach the best outcome is by combining, integrating and putting together a team of experts which includes members of management, a legal team, a financial team, and media consultants.

Together will lead the crisis team, which will include conducting frequent status assessments, assigning tasks and monitoring their execution, outlining the action strategy and the tasks required to reach the objectives, and drafting the precise messages and narrative – all in order to reach the desired outcome. After reaching the designated target, we will formulate and implement a damage control plan for the client.

Strategic media consulting

Thinking ahead

Together specializes in building a public media policy and strategy for its clients.

We structure the strategy based on the objectives and goals determined by the client and create an operative work plan. The courses of action are completely and distinctly customized for each and every one of our clients – while taking into consideration each client’s reputation, target audiences, challenges, and issues vis-à-vis decision-makers and key individuals in the media.


Controlling the discourse

Together offers its clients one of two spokesmanship services: external consulting and support for the client’s in-house spokesperson or serving as the client’s spokesperson.

We have a deep and long-standing familiarity with the Israeli media and media around the world. Our team provides a broad media package, which includes creating a media work plan, writing and distributing press releases, drafting talking points, answering inquiries, coordinating and holding background meetings with journalists, initiating interviews and events and managing the relationship with all media outlets.

Digital services

Targeting the message

With information on the internet reaching millions of people in minutes, both the dangers and the opportunities at stake are infinite. Together builds a digital strategy taking into consideration the specific needs of the client in the various media platforms. We manage digital media operations through a variety of services, such as setting up and managing digital assets (websites and social media), campaign management, information services, building ad-hoc mini-sites, search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management (ORM), newsletters and more.

Campaign management

Winning the battle

Together has experience and expertise in managing, operating and implementing campaigns, including managing political campaigns (national, municipal and primaries), public campaigns (nationwide, targeting decision-makers, or local targeting focused audiences), and commercial-business campaigns.

Campaign management requires collaborating with multiple players, and our team manages, integrates and brings the different elements together in a single body working in unison. We have experience in working with advertising and digital media advisers, surveys, strategy consultants and field operations, all of which are key to a successful campaign. We also fill any media and spokesmanship need – determining content and messages, managing the relationship with the media and advising the client through all stages of the campaign.